Syndicate Bank Credit Card Apply Online

Syndicate Bank offers Syndicate Bank credit cards in two variants namely, Classic and Gold Credit Card. Syndicate bank credit cards are accepted globally and you can enjoy zero annual fee and zero joining fee. Syndicate Bank offers robust customer support which works 24x7 to solve customer queries and concerns. Interested to know more? Read on.
Updated: Aug 29, 2019 16:21 IST
Syndicate Bank Credit Card Apply Online
Syndicate Bank Credit Card Credit Card. How to apply for a credit card, Syndicate Bank Credit Card Net banking, Check Eligibility, status, bill payment

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#1. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payments

#2. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Status:

#3. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Login

#4. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Customer Care

Types of Syndicate Bank Credit Cards:

Syndicate Bank offers one credit card which comes in two variants

  1. Syndicate Classic Card

  2. Syndicate Gold Card

Classic Syndicate Credit Card: This credit card can be personalized with photo and signature embossed on it. The feature of add-on credit cards is offered to the immediate family members excluding minor. Syndicate bank credit cards are issued in alliance with VISA. Cash withdrawal facility is available at over 1700 syndicate bank ATMs and over 1.20 lakh ATMs Visa verified ATM in India and over 25 Lakh globally. Preapproved credit cards are available for customers with existing housing loans, term deposits, pigmy deposits, four wheeler loan customers, defense personnel and judges. It provides a pre-approved offer by syndicate bank which comes with a predefined spending limit without any income proof.

Gold Syndicate Credit Card: The gold credit card offered by Syndicate bank is accepted globally over all VISA outlets. A preapproved card is available for Housing Loan customers, Term Deposit Customers, Pigmy deposit customers, Four wheeler loan customers, Defense Personnel & Judges. Gold Syndicate credit card offers interest-free period up to 50 days.

Features and Benefits of Syndicate Bank Credit Cards:

Choice of two variants: Two cards are offered by Syndicate Bank, the Classic and the Gold. These cards are photo and signature cards.

Low-interest rates: Rates of interest on your revolving credit is as low as 2% monthly or 24% annually. By default, you can attract higher interest rates of 2.5% p.m

Interest-free credit period: You can avail credit periods of 20 days to 50 days on your purchases. This depends on the date of the transaction and if the previous balance is cleared fully.

Global Acceptance: Syndicate Bank credit cards are accepted in more than 9 lakh merchants within India and over 300 million merchants around the world. These cards can also be used for online purchases.

Cash Advance: You can withdraw cash through any of the Syndicate Bank ATMs at concessional rates. Also, the card can be used at more than 1.2 lakh ATMs in India and over 25 lakh ATMs worldwide.

No annual fees: These cards can be availed at free of cost. Enjoy lifetime zero annual fee.

Card Loss Liability: If you lose your credit card, report it immediately and you will not have to bear any liability once you notify the bank. Once you have notified Syndicate Bank, the card loss liability is limited to Rs. 1,000

Rewards: Earn rewards while you spend. For every Rs. 200 spent on your Syndicate Bank credit card, you can earn 1 reward point.

24x7 Helpline: You can get in touch with Syndicate Bank customer care around the clock in case of any assistance.

Add on cards: Avail add-on cards for your family members and let them enjoy the benefits of your credit card. The add-on cardholder must be 18 years old.

Eligibility Criteria and Documentation Requirements to avail Syndicate Bank Credit Cards:

Eligibility Criteria: In order to be eligible to own a Syndicate Bank credit card, you should meet the following eligibility standards set by the bank.

  • You must either be residing or working in the area in which the card-issuing Syndicate Bank branch operates.
  • You must be above 21 years of age which means minors are not eligible.
  • In case of salaried individuals, the maximum age is 60. For self-employed individuals, it is 65 years. For senior citizens and pensioners, it is 75 years.
  • Salaried people, senior citizens, and pensioners earning a minimum of Rs. 60,000 can apply for this credit card.
  • Self-employed individuals earning at least Rs. 1 lakh can apply.
  • You must have a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card issued by the Income Tax Department.
  • Syndicate Bank customers operating through their bank account for at least 6 months are preferred.
  • Cards are also provided to NRIs and foreign nationals working in India and have a bank account with Syndicate Bank is subject to terms and conditions.

Documents Required:

  • PAN card
  • Residential proof: Passport, Aadhaar card, utility bills or Driving license.
  • Income proof: Last 3 months’ salary slip, last 3 months’ bank statement, latest IT returns and Form 16.
  • NRIs and foreign nationals should submit a copy of their passport and VISA or equivalent proof of their stay abroad. Also, they have to submit proof of employment, residence, and income.

Fees and Charges of Syndicate Bank Credit Card

Charges Classic Card Gold Card
Enrollment Fee (Primary) Nil Nil
Renewal Fee (Primary) 300 500
Enrollment Fee (Add-on card) Nil Nil
Renewal Fee (Add-on card) 150 250
Finance Charges for Purchases 2.00% per month if the minimum payment due is paid within due date. 

2.50% per month if less or no amount is paid within due date.
2.00% per month if the minimum payment due is paid within due date. 

2.50% per month if less or no amount is paid within due date.
Cash advance charges (Syndicate ATM) 2% or Rs. 50 whichever is higher 2% or Rs. 50 whichever is higher
Cash advance charges (other domestic ATM) 2.5% or Rs. 100 whichever is higher. 2.5% or Rs. 100 whichever is higher.
Cash advances charges (Overseas ATM) 2.5% or Rs. 200 whichever is higher. 2.5% or Rs. 200 whichever is higher.
International Transaction Markup 3% of the transaction amount + service tax 3% of the transaction amount + service tax
Balance Enquiry Charges (Domestic VISA ATM) Rs. 15 + Service Tax Rs. 15 + Service Tax
Over the Credit Limit Usage Rs.100 per instance Rs.100 per instance
Balance Enquiry Charges (Overseas ATMs) Rs.30 + Service Tax Rs.30 + Service Tax
Cheque Bouncing Charges Rs.200 per occasion Rs.200 per occasion
Retrieval of Charge Slip Actual charges or Rs.150, whichever is higher Actual charges or Rs.150, whichever is higher
Limit Enhancement Charges Rs.200 per request Rs.200 per request

How to Apply for Syndicate Bank Credit Cards?

Syndicate Bank, one of the popular banks in India, offers a wide range of credit products to its customers. With competitive interest rates on loans and credit cards, Syndicate Bank is a name to reckon in the credit market.

The customers can enjoy numerous benefits on tailor-made Syndicate Bank credit cards based on different needs.

  • Step 1: You can visit the ‘Credit Cards’ page of the Syndicate Bank official website
  • Step 2: Enter your personal and contact details
  • Step 3: After the verification, a representative from the bank will get in touch with and ask guide you through the process
  • Step 4: You may have to submit KYC documents and income proof to get a Syndicate Bank credit card
  • Step 5: You can also visit the nearby Syndicate Bank branch to apply for a credit card

#1. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payments


Syndicate Bank credit card customers can now manage their credit card dues sitting at home. The availability of several online modes makes it easy for the customer to immediately manage Syndicate Bank credit card bill payments. You can use any of the mentioned platforms based on your convenience.

NEFT: Customers at Syndicate bank can pay outstanding credit card amounts using any bank account of their choice with the help of the NEFT facility. Follow the steps mentioned below to access a NEFT transfer for your Syndicate Bank credit card dues.

  • Login to your Netbanking portal offered by the bank and select “Third Party Funds Transfer” option.
  • Now, add a beneficiary, that is, your credit card number and the IFSC code.
  • Once you have confirmed and added the beneficiary, fund transfers via NEFT are possible for adding money to your credit card account.

Money Transfer with VISA: Syndicate Bank customers owning a credit card can use their VISA cards from other banks to settle outstanding dues. Follow the below-mentioned step by step process to make payments using VISA money transfer:

  • Open your Netbanking account
  • Access the “Third Party Fund Transfer” option, then select “Visa Money Transfer”.
  • Add the required details such as credit card number, mobile number etc. Also, add the sender and recipient details for successfully making the transaction.
  • After the authorization of the transaction, the concerned amount would be debited from your bank account and will be added to the credit card account.

Internet Banking at Syndicate Bank: if you manage a current or savings account at Syndicate Bank, then payment of credit card bills can be processed through Internet Banking. Follow the instructions given below for making a quick transaction using Syndicate Bank Internet Banking mode.

  • Log in to your Online Banking Portal at Syndicate Bank with the right authorization information.
  • Click on “SyndBillPay” from the “Applications” list. From there, select “Register a biller” available under the “Ebpp transactions” tab and finally access “Service Maintenance Screen”.
  • Click on “SYBK credit card” and in the next step select “Register New Service” from the drop-down menu. Enter your name and credit card number.
  • Check the due amount and click to proceed with Syndicate Bank credit card bill payment.


Candidates who wish to visit the bank branch for making payments, offline modes are made available to them by Syndicate Bank. Below mentioned are some of the primary offline payment methods:

Cash Payment at Counter: You can visit the nearest branch owned by Syndicate Bank to make a cash payment for settling your credit card bill. This method is simple and can be accessed by all types of customers who own a Syndicate Bank credit card.

Demand Draft or Local Cheque: Credit card customers can also take the help of demand draft or local cheque to offer payments for credit card dues. Make sure that whenever you submit a cheque or DD, do write your name and contact number on the backside.

Auto Debit Service: You can access the auto debit option towards the payment for the credit card through standing instructions. All credit card customers can use this facility who have an account with Syndicate Bank.   

#2. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Status:

The application status of Syndicate Bank credit card can be checked by contacting the customer care team by dialing the toll-free number. Currently, the Syndicate Bank website does not offer an online facility to check the status of your credit card. So you will have to call the customer care in order to get information about your credit card application status.

Once you submit all the details you will receive the status of your Syndicate Bank credit card application. Most of the time, the statuses will be like, ‘in process, dispatched, disapproved, on hold or no records found’. Based on the status you can take your call.

If the status is ‘In process’, then the bank is still reviewing your application and it will take a few more days to ship your credit card.

If the status is ‘Dispatched’, you would have received a message by then with the Airmail number of the booked shipment carrying your credit card. If you haven’t received any message, then you will probably receive it within the next 1 or 2 days. If it gets delayed, you can feel free to call the Syndicate Bank customer care.

If your application is on hold, the bank may contact you via SMS or email asking you for some missing or additional details or about any other issue with your application. Once the issues are resolved, they will resume the card processing.

#3. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Login

How to Register for Syndicate Bank Credit Card online?

  1. Visit the Syndicate Bank credit card Login page
  2. Now, Click on the “Register Now” tab
  3. Enter the correct details like credit card number, mobile number, PAN etc.
  4. Once you are done entering the details, click “Submit”
  5. Then create register ID and password
  6. After creating user ID and password, log in to credit card internet banking.
  7. Check the transaction, reports etc related to your credit card account

Benefits of Syndicate Bank Credit Card Net banking:

Syndicate Bank credit card netbanking offers easy access to its customers to all the transactions and operations performed with the credit card. It also provides access to Syndicate Bank credit card information to its customers in just a click. The customer has all the account information in fingertips. It not only provides access to the transactions taken place but also the total credit and cash limit the customer is eligible for, the available credit and cash limit, billed and unbilled transactions, payment due date, reward points information etc.

With Syndicate Bank credit card netbanking account facility, the customer can view his bank statement up to last 6 months without any difficulty. Syndicate Bank credit card netbanking account also allows the customer to raise any request or get their queries solved.

Account information at fingertips through Syndicate Bank credit card login account: The Syndicate Bank credit card internet banking account allows the user to have a quick access to his account information like total credit and cash limit, available credit and cash limit, billed and unbilled transactions, reward points information etc. You can also use your internet banking account to know your payment due date and pay your credit card bills on time.

View credit card statements using Syndicate Bank credit card login account: Though Syndicate Bank sends monthly credit card statements to our registered email address, it is a bit tricky to access it by filtering the mail, providing the password and downloading the statement. But, with Syndicate Bank credit card net banking facility, you view up to last 6 months statement easily.

Raise requests using Syndicate Bank credit card login: You can simply forget calling the Syndicate Bank customer care to raise any kind of request in the bank. With an active internet banking account, you can raise requests like register/deregister for Syndicate Bank autopay facility, generate credit card PIN, register/deregister credit card, block/hotlist credit card etc. You can also apply for loans and other EMI facilities or enhance credit card limits using your Syndicate Bank credit card internet banking.

Change Syndicate Bank credit card login account password: You can change your Syndicate Bank credit card net banking password by logging in to your account and requesting to change your account password.

Syndicate Bank credit card payment through Syndicate Bank credit card login account: You can stop relying on other sources and use your Syndicate Bank credit card netbanking. Install the Syndicate Bank mobile app and you can get your credit card information on the go. To pay credit card bill through Syndicate Bank net banking account you need to login to your account and select your credit card and the card number you need to pay the bill for.

#4. Syndicate Bank Credit Card Customer Care

Syndicate Bank card customer care numbers - for both credit cards and debit cards. To hotlist your lost credit cards or any card related queries, you can contact the customer care on 1800 225 092 (toll-free from BSNL and MTNL landlines). The Syndicate Bank customer care 24x7 number can be accessed at any time in case of emergency or any urgent query.  

To hotlist your lost cards or other queries from a non-BSNL/MTNL phone line, you can contact 022-4042 6003. Please note that the calls will be charged.

To report and block your debit card, you can contact the toll-free number 1800 425 0585 (free from BSNL/MTNL landlines). If you are calling from another line, the customer care number is 080 2512 5300.

Internet Banking

In case you need help with internet banking then you can contact the 24 hour helpline. The number is 1800 425 5784. You can also email your query to [email protected] and [email protected].in  

Mobile Banking:

If you need help with mobile banking or downloading and using the app, you can contact the help desk at 07498982538. The line will be available from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

For NRI Customers

For any query related to an NRI account, you can contact the NRI customer service at the given below address:

International Division
Maker Towers ‘F’,
2nd Floor,
Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai - 400005 (India)
Email: [email protected]

Complaint Redressal

If a customer is not happy or satisfied with the resolution of their queries or grievances, then the customers can also escalate their complaints or feedbacks to higher authorities of the bank that is, nodal officer or customer care officer. Customers are advised to use their registered mail ID while mailing for better response.

General Manager
Syndicate Bank, Corporate Office
Planning & Developing Department
Syndicate Bank Building,
2nd Cross, Gandhinagar
Bangalore - 560009
Email: [email protected]

If you are still not satisfied, you can write to the Chairman & Managing Director of the Bank. As per RBI rules, the bank also has an “Internal Ombudsman” who can be approached by the customers with any grievance.

Registered Head Office

Syndicate Bank Head Office
No. 16/355 & 16/365A
Manipal - 576 104
Udupi District
Karnataka, India

Corporate Office

II Cross, Gandhi Nagar,
Bangalore - 560009

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