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HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card is accumulated with premium options that may assist you to get additional price from your card. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit card can be used to repay a high interest debt and save on interests costs. HSBC Visa Platinum credit card comes with a super rewards program. To know more about this credit card, refer this article.

Last modified:2020-08-12

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HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

The HSBC Platinum MasterCard is supplied with premium options that may assist you to get an additional price from your card. In case you’re struggling to repay a high-interest debt, you can take advantage of a promotional balance transfer offer of 0% p.a. for 22 months and save on interest costs as you repay your debt.

If you’d prefer to use the card for purchases, you’ll collect reward points as you spend and enjoy up to 55 interest-free days when you pay your balance in full. Other premium perks include a personal concierge service and complimentary travel and purchase insurance packages.

Joining and Annual Fees Free
Cashback 10% up to Rs.3000
BookMyShow Buy 1 ticket and get 1 free
Flights, Restaurants and more Discounts
Dining, Hotel, and Telecom 3X Rewards

What are the Fees and Charges for HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card?

Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee Nil
Add-on Fee Nil
Finance Charges 3.3% p.m. (39.6%* p.a.) computed from the date of the transaction
Interest-Free Credit Period Up to 52 days
Minimum Payment Due (MPD) on extended credit 5% of the total payment due to the statement plus greater of past due or over the limit due (if any), subject to a minimum of Rs. 100. Interest will be charged on the extended credit as per terms and conditions
Duplicate Statement Request Rs. 100 per statement (beyond last 3 months)
Charge in case of cheque bounce, standing instruction dishonored or unsuccessful payment through ECS Rs. 350
Transaction fee for cash advances against your credit card account at branches and ATMs 2.5% of transaction amount (subject to a minimum of Rs. 300)
Overlimit Fee Rs. 500 per month

What is the Rewards Programme?

  • Eligible credit cardholders of HSBC will earn reward points as follows:

    • HSBC Classic card bearers will earn 1 Reward point for every purchase of Rs. 250

    • HSBC Gold card users will earn 1 Reward point for every purchase of Rs. 100

    • HSBC Platinum credit card users will earn 2 Reward points for every purchase of Rs. 150

    • HSBC Premier credit card members will earn 2 Reward points for every purchase of Rs. 100

  • Reward point expiry will follow a Rolling Expiry system with a Reward point validity period of 2 years for Gold & Classic credit cards and 3 years for Platinum & Premier credit cards. If the Reward purpose validity on your card is two years, the Reward points earned during the 1st year of card membership, if not redeemed, will expire at the end of the second year of card membership, Reward points earned during the 2nd year of card membership, if not redeemed, will expire at the end of the 3rd year and so on. The 1st year of card membership begins from the date of MasterCard supplying. For instance, for a card issued on 10 Mar 2007, the Reward points earned from 10 Mar 2007 to 10 Mar 2008, if unredeemed, will expire on 31 Mar 2009.

  • Reward points are offered just for purchases created on the MasterCard.

  • Reward points won't be offered on fuel purchases wherever the surcharge is waived. Purchases, wherever the surcharge isn't waived, can earn Reward points. Fuel surcharge discharge is applicable to fuel purchases between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000 at any pump in the Republic of India or in step with any such criteria as set by HSBC from time to time.

  • Cash advances, any fees/charges, and controversial transactions won't accrue Reward points.

  • Purchases on add-on credit cards can accrue Reward points which can be attributable to the first cardholder's card account. Only the first credit cardholder will redeem Reward points.

  • For credit cardholders aside from Premier and Platinum credit cardholders, all unredeemed Reward points accumulated in an exceedingly 2-year amount can expire at the end of that period, the first two year period beginning on the date of credit card issuance or 15 June 2000, whichever is later

  • For Premier and Platinum credit cardholders, the unredeemed reward points accrued in a year can expire 3 years once the beginning of that year, the primary year starting on the date of MasterCard supplying or 15 June 2000, whichever is later.

  • The accumulated Reward points ought to be saved by the credit cardholder among one month of the top of the purpose step-up amount, failing which the points will be dropped off the credit card account.

What are the Key Benefits of HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card?

  • If your spends exceed Rs.50,000 in a month, you will get Rs.500 worth movie vouchers.
  • Up to 20% discounts at designated restaurants in the Republic of India.
  • For spends between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000 in an exceedingly month, on fuel purchases (at selected petrol stations), you will get a surcharge waiver of 2.5% or Rs. 250. (Great for petrol/diesel.
  • Earn 3 Times rewards on spends on dining selected hotels and telecom expense for 12 months.
  • 5X rewards on spends over 4 Lakhs in an exceedingly year for up to most spends of 10 lakhs in a year
  • No joining fees and annual fees

How to Apply for HSBC Platinum MasterCard?

HSBC Bank, one of the popular banks in India, offers a wide range of credit products to its customers. With competitive interest rates on loans and credit cards, HSBC Bank is a name to reckon in the credit market.

The customers can enjoy numerous benefits on tailor-made HSBC Platinum MasterCard based on different needs.

  • Step 1: You can visit the ‘Credit Cards’ page of the HSBC Bank official website
  • Step 2: Enter your personal and contact details
  • Step 3: After the verification, a representative from the bank will get in touch with and ask guide you through the process
  • Step 4: You may have to submit KYC documents and income proof to get a HSBC Platinum MasterCard
  • Step 5: You can also visit the nearby HSBC Bank branch to apply for a credit card

What are the Features of HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card?

  • Movie offer: HSBC Platinum Credit Cardholders,  can receive a voucher for movie tickets that is worth Rs. 500 on spending more than Rs. 50,000 in an exceedingly month.

  • Dining Privileges: HSBC Platinum MasterCard holders will avail fantastic discounts on dining experiences of up to 20% as a part of the HSBC Dining Privileges in various prime cities.

  • Waiver on Fuel Surcharge: For spends between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000 done on fuel purchases, customers can now enjoy a surcharge waiver of a maximum of Rs. 250 per month as per the calendar.

  • Air Miles Conversion: Air Miles conversion is often done if cardholders are traveling by flights from Jet Airways or Singapore Airlines.

  • Acceptance Worldwide: The HSBC Platinum MasterCard is accepted world over in more than 18 million retailers and at over a 100,000 outlets within the country itself.

  • Balance Transfer Perpetual (Perpetual BT): Customers will currently transfer their outstanding credit from alternative banks that's above of Rs. 3000 to their HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Cards at low rates of interest with no outlined term as such. The interest charged on the balance that's transferred 1% - 1.2%, every month.

  • Conversion of Balance: Customers currently have the choice of changing their outstanding balance into EMIs. Users will select tenure choices starting from six to twelve months and a processing fee of 2% is applicable on every balance conversion request.

  • Free amount of Credit: Users will receive a credit-free amount of a maximum of 52 days while not extra finance charges. However, this selection is on the market as long as the outstanding quantity on their HSBC Platinum MasterCard is paid fully before the date. If a part of the payment is created, then there'll be interest charged and this period isn't applicable for transactions associated with a cash advance.

  • Extended Credit Facility: HSBC Platinum MasterCard users should buy the item of their alternative by solely paying the minimum due quantity then paying the rest at a later date. However, a finance charge of 39.6% annually or 3.3% per month is applicable.

  • Access to International ATMs - Cash Advance: Users can withdraw cash from more than 700000 ATMs affiliated to MasterCard/Visa/Cirrus and at all HSBC ATMs. Users also have access to cash from any other ATM/authorized cash advance/authorized money changers to a maximum of 50,000 per day. There is also a transaction fee and finance charge that is applicable to the cash advance option. The finance charge is applicable from the day cash is withdrawn until the day all dues are repaid completely. Additional identification details may also be requested if cash is being withdrawn over the counter.

  • There are additional facilities available at HSBC ATMs within the country. Customers can find out details regarding their minimum payment due, credit card account balance, PIN change, payment due date inquiry, latest credit card statement etc.

Other Services by HSBC

  • No lost credit liability: HSBC Platinum Credit Card users have no lost credit card liability post registering a reporting the loss of their card to HSBC. Apart from this, users are lined for the misuse of their cards for up to twenty-four hours post registering if the number may be a most of Rs. 300000.

  • Visa Concierge Services: All HSBC Platinum MasterCard users will have access to the Visa Concierge Services in the least times, from any corner of the world.

  • Emergency Card Replacement: If customers lose their HSBC Platinum Credit Cards, while abroad, they can contact the HSBC Helpline numbers or the Visa Global Assistance Services. Post this, An emergency card is issued among three days. Instead of this, customers can even opt to procure emergency money at over 20,000 shops everywhere on the planet.

  • Loan on Phone: Customers have the option of paying for the item of their choice like a TV, Laptop or even a holiday through their phone. Thanks to the Loan on Phone feature in the market on their HSBC Platinum Credit Cards. Customers will contact the HSBC Phone Banking service among fifteen days of purchase so as to convert identical into a loan.

  • Foreign Exchange Entitlement: Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999, customers will use their HSBC Platinum Credit Cards to pay for expenses within their credit limits, regardless of foreign exchange entitlement.

  • Bank Account Access: HSBC Platinum Credit Cardholders have the advantage of accessing their bank accounts through their cards for transactions associated with withdrawal of money, funds transfer, request for statements among the country, request for cheque books etc. A transaction fee is also charged.

  • Internet Banking: HSBC Platinum MasterCard holders have the choice of using their MasterCard numbers and ATM PIN to urge themselves registered for personal internet banking to form an ID and password of their choice. They even have the choice of checking their MasterCard transactions, redeem reward points, transfer their statements and conjointly communicate using the online messaging choice.

  • Phone Banking: With the assistance of the Phone Banking facility, customers can pay their bills, find out information related to their outstanding balance and much more without having to go to the bank directly.

  • Online Payment Service: HSBC provides an OTP or a One Time Password for bigger security and therefore secures their HSBC Platinum MasterCard for usage. This OTP is sent on to the customer's mobile range through an SMS.

  • Additional master cards: HSBC Platinum Credit Card users can currently apply for a maximum of 3 credit cards for his or her family together with their parents, spouse, siblings or children who are above 18 years of age. These extra cards also will change the customer's family to share the first MasterCard limit. These extra cardholders can even access their HSBC accounts through their card. Whenever applicable, the annual fee will be included in the account statement and will not be provided in a separate monthly statement.

EMI Facilities

  • Instant EMI: Customers can also earn Reward Points on these EMI transactions. Users have the choice of paying EMIs for tenures that adjust from three to twelve months. All of this does not need extra documents, but interest rates and process fees are applicable.

  • Balance Transfer on EMI: This one-of-a-kind feature permits users to transfer any amount that's outstanding on their alternative credit cards to their HSBC Platinum Credit Cards with the option to repay in straightforward installments each month, at a coffee rate of interest. Customers even have the choice of selecting their reimbursement tenure of either 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. A rate of interest of 15% each year or 1.25% per month for a tenure of 6 or 12 months is applicable and a rate of interest of 18% each year or 1.50% per month is applicable on the tenure of 18 or 24 months. A processing fee of 1.5% of the Balance Transfer on the EMI amount for an option of 6 months and 1% for the other tenure options is also charged. A minimum of Rs. 149, will be charged as processing fees.

  • Cash on EMI: This feature ensures that HSBC Platinum MasterCard holders will procure the cash advance facility on their card and pay back through simple EMIs. The rate of interest applicable is 18% each year to 24% each year for his or her cards. Customers even have the choice of selecting a tenure of either 6, 12, 18 or 24 months to repay the loan. Apart from this, a processing fee of 2% to 3% is additionally charged (a minimum of Rs. 200).

What is the Eligibility Criteria and Documentation Requirements?

To be eligible for an HSBC Platinum Card, you need to comply with certain eligibility criteria. Following is an overview:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must be able to show a stable credit history
  • You must be salaried or self-employed and earn a stable salary

The documentation is very straightforward. You will require the following:

  • 2 passport size photos and signature - Having national identity cards
  • Proof of address - Ration card, electricity bill etc. must be submitted
  • PAN card, Form 16, and the Income Tax Returns Statement
  • Proof of salary, employment/proof of business details
  • Last 3 months salary statement.

HSBC Bank Credit Card Status

To know the status of your credit card application, you will have to call the HSBC Bank customer care team since there is no online mechanism provided by HSBC to check the application status. You can contact the customer care team with the help of the given details

HSBC Bank Credit Card Status Helpline:

From India: 1860 108 7788 / 1860 500 2277

From Abroad: 040 67173402 / 080 49089632

The phone lines will be available from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Mostly, your application status will be stated as in-progress, on-hold, approved, rejected or dispatched.

When the representative conveys ‘In progress’ status, it means that your application is still under process and it will take some more time to approve the application and dispatch your card.

An ‘Approved’ status denotes that your application has been approved and your card will be dispatched soon.

A ‘Dispatched’ status means your credit card is dispatched to your address. Once the card is dispatched, you will receive an SMS with the shipment details and the expected date of delivery. Make sure you are available at the delivery address at the time of delivery as the credit card will be handed over only to the applicant in most of the cases.

The application status ‘On Hold’ indicates rejected or any other negative status results need further follow up with the bank. Yo application might be kept on hold since the bank may need some other documents or need to clarify other things from you. You will receive a call or message about the same.

When you receive a ‘Rejected’ status, it denotes that your application has been disapproved as it fails to meet the set criteria. You may receive a message from the bank with or without specifying the reason. If you want to know the reason, you can call customer care.


HSBC Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

HSBC credit card customer care: 1860 108 7788 or 1860 500 2277

HSBC corporate credit card customer care:  1800 419 2266 or 1800 102 6922

HSBC Premier credit card customer care: 1800 266 3456 or 1800 103 4722

HSBC Advance credit card customer care: 1800 267 3456 or 1800 102 2208

HSBC customer care Toll-free number for business banking: 1800 103 2666 or 1800 419 2288 or 1800 103 2667

Customers who are not comfortable with calling can also resolve their queries by sending a mail. Customers will have to email their complaints, grievances, feedbacks to [email protected] The bank recommends that you use your registered email ID and send emails through your online banking account.

If customers have any complaints or issues unresolved, then they can also contact the further authorities for getting a better solution. HSBC nodal officers can be reached by HSBC customers by sending emails to them or by calling them

The Manager

Customer Care Centre
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Rajalakshmi, No 5 & 7
Cathedral Road
Chennai - 600086

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