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Petrol Price Today (09 Jun 2023): Check Today Petrol Rate In India For All States and Districts

Last Modified: Jun 09,2023 00:00 IST

Petrol Price Today: Get the updated Petrol Price in various districts of different states in India updated on June 09, 2023. Get the current Petrol Price and cost breakup of petrol in India. Get everyday updates on the Petrol Prices for all districts with accuracy, check the daily petrol price/Rate per liter in all states of India at Fresherslive.
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Today's Petrol Price in Indian Metro Cities & State Capitals

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State-wise Petrol Price in India

Petrol Price in Andaman & Nicobar Petrol Price in Andhra Pradesh Petrol Price in Arunachal Pradesh Petrol Price in Assam Petrol Price in Bihar Petrol Price in Chandigarh Petrol Price in Chhatisgarh Petrol Price in Dadra Nagarhaveli Petrol Price in Daman & Diu Petrol Price in Delhi Petrol Price in Goa Petrol Price in Gujarat Petrol Price in Haryana Petrol Price in Himachal Pradesh Petrol Price in Jammu & Kashmir Petrol Price in Jharkhand Petrol Price in Karnataka Petrol Price in Kerala Petrol Price in Madhya Pradesh Petrol Price in Maharashtra Petrol Price in Manipur Petrol Price in Meghalaya Petrol Price in Mizoram Petrol Price in Nagaland Petrol Price in Odisha Petrol Price in Pondicherry Petrol Price in Punjab Petrol Price in Rajasthan Petrol Price in Sikkim Petrol Price in Tamil Nadu Petrol Price in Telangana Petrol Price in Tripura Petrol Price in Uttar Pradesh Petrol Price in Uttarakhand Petrol Price in West Bengal

Is Petrol crucial in our day-to-day life?

Petrol is a crucial commodity in our day-to-day life. We need petrol to run the vehicle. Without petrol, it is difficult to ride a bike or other vehicles which runs by means of petrol. Recently, the petrol price has been hiked by the oil marketing companies so people are struggling to manage their daily budget. Hence, it is important to know the petrol price in India. Especially, if you’re going for a long drive, you have to check the price of petrol so you can avoid further risks. The hike in petrol price not only affects the one part of India but also various states and cities all over the country. The price of petrol in various states may vary. Today's petrol price in various locations is updated on this page. The hiked prices of petrol are tabulated in this article. Let’s read here to know the latest petrol rate in various locations in India.

How much has Petrol Price been hiked?

Petrol is widely used to run vehicles and the cost of petrol is gradually increasing day-by-day due to the price change of crude oil in the global market. Recently, the petrol price has been hiked by the oil marketing companies. Due to this, people are in trouble and wondering what to do next to overcome this petrol price hike in India. As a result of petrol and hike, the price of petrol has reached the peak. Besides, petrol price vary from one state to another. The hike in petrol price affects our daily lifestyle as petrol is the most used energy to run vehicles. The increase in petrol rates affects the life of the common man. Petrol price has increased 10 times within 3 years and it's still continuing. The petrol price is changing daily at 6 am based on various factors. Check the latest Petrol Price today in all states and cities of India.

Daily Price rates of Petrol Updated at FreshersLive

Are you going for a long drive? Did you plan your budget already? Don’t want to see an extra hike in your budget? If so, then it’s essential to know the daily price rates of petrol in India. Please note that the cost of petrol is reviewed on a daily basis so there may be a loss/profit for you if you’re going for a long drive. The value of the dollar has been increased which in turn the petrol rates become more expensive than before. It’s expected that the government will take an action to reduce the rates of petrol. This article provides the petrol price in various states and cities across India. By clicking on the links available here, you can know the petrol price in various locations all over India. Knowing the petrol price daily lets you plan your budget. Check out the rates of petrol up-to-date in this article. Petrol price has been revised daily at 6 am so you can have a look at the rates of petrol before you leave your home.

What is the reason for changes in Petrol Price in India on a daily basis?

The petrol price in India is changing regularly due to the price change of crude oil in the global markets. India needs to import petrol from other countries as there is no petrol production in India. To import petrol, we need to pay some amount of money in United States Dollars (USD). If a minor change occurs in the value of USD, it impacts the fuel price heavily. Depending on the various factors such as petrol demand, import and export charges, etc., the petrol price has been hiked. Subscribe to our free email alert to know the latest Petrol price in various locations in India. This page lists out the revised petrol price regularly. Keep updated on Petrol Price in various places across India to overcome the sudden increase in your budget.

How the petrol price hike affects our day-to-day life?

The importance of petrol in our daily lifestyle is increasing. Nowadays, the number of vehicles are also increasing due to the increase in population. The population is higher than the supply level of fuel and this is also one of the reasons for the hike in Petrol price. Hike in petrol price will affect the food price also. And, the rise in food price impacts the daily life of poor people. Not only it affects food price but also the transportation cost, the price of goods, and more. Oil companies changed the price of petrol twice a month for the last 15 years. But, recently, those companies decided to revise the petrol price daily at 6 am. People can check the petrol price every day before 6 am and we update the Petrol rates in various locations regularly to keep you updated.

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