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Explore a time-looped solar system in Outer Wilds, uncovering mysteries across unique planets and solving puzzles to unveil the secrets behind this repeating cycle.

by Vignesh L | Updated Dec 11, 2023


Outer Wilds Wiki

Outer Wilds is a game made in 2019 where you explore space. It came out first for computers and Xbox, then later for PlayStation and other consoles. In the game, you explore a solar system that keeps repeating every 22 minutes until the sun explodes. To move forward, you explore and find clues about why this time loop is happening.A lot of people really liked Outer Wilds and it got awards for being a great game. They even added more stuff to the game in 2021 with an expansion called Echoes of the Eye.

Outer Wilds Walkthrough

In "Outer Wilds," you're an astronaut exploring a small solar system stuck in a time loop. Here's a simple guide to help you navigate:

  • Timber Hearth and Attlerock:

    • Timber Hearth is your home planet. Explore and learn about the Nomai race.
    • Follow a harmonica signal to Attlerock. Discover more about the Nomai and their technology.
  • Brittle Hollow:

    • Search for Riebeck on this planet.
    • Investigate the Black Hole and White Hole Station for more info.
    • Visit the Hanging City and check out the Gravity Cannon and Southern Observatory.
  • Giant’s Deep:

    • Explore the mysteries of this oceanic planet.
    • Look into the Orbital Probe Cannon and find the Tower of Quantum Trials.
  • Ember Twin:

    • Find Chert and explore the Lakebed Cave.
    • Investigate Escape Pod 2 and the Sunless City for more discoveries.
  • The Interloper:

    • Look for the Frozen Nomai Shuttle and explore the Ruptured Core.
  • Ash Twin:

    • Visit the Sun Station, the Ash Twin Project, and Mining Site 2b.
    • Figure out how to get to the Black Hole Forge.
  • Dark Bramble:

    • Find Feldspar and investigate Escape Pod 3 and the Vessel.
    • Be cautious in navigating the dangerous Dark Bramble.
  • Quantum Moon:

    • Try to understand and reach the Quantum Moon that shifts between different locations.
  • Ending:

    • Piece together all the gathered information and solve puzzles to uncover the game's conclusion.

Remember, each place has puzzles and secrets that tie into the larger story. Explore, observe, and use what you learn from each area to unravel the mysteries of the solar system.

Outer Wilds Release Date

"Outer Wilds" first came out on May 2019. It's a game where you explore a small and intricate solar system stuck in a time loop. You get to be an astronaut, discovering mysteries, unraveling puzzles, and piecing together the history of an ancient alien race called the Nomai. The game's unique because every 22 minutes, the sun goes supernova, and everything resets, giving you a chance to explore and learn something new each loop.

Developed by Mobius Digital, "Outer Wilds" captivated players with its captivating storytelling, exploration, and the freedom to uncover the secrets of the cosmos at your own pace. The game's release in 2019 brought an exciting and refreshing experience to gamers who enjoyed unraveling mysteries and uncovering the wonders of space.

Outer Wilds Gameplay

In Outer Wilds, you're an explorer in a solar system stuck in a repeating time loop. You get to fly a spaceship around different planets, investigating clues left behind by an ancient alien group called the Nomai. Your mission is to figure out why the time loop is happening before the sun goes supernova every 22 minutes. As you explore, you solve puzzles, learn about the Nomai civilization, and talk to other space travelers to piece together the mystery.

The game lets you roam freely once you've got your spaceship going, but some places need specific knowledge or timing to access. Your character has meters for health, fuel, and oxygen, and you use tools like a camera probe and signalscope to uncover secrets. And don't worry, if something goes wrong and you 'die,' you'll start again at the beginning of the time loop to continue your cosmic investigation.

Outer Wilds Trailer

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Outer Wilds Walkthrough-FAQs

1. When did Outer Wilds first release?

Outer Wilds was initially released on May  2019.

2. What makes Outer Wilds unique in terms of gameplay?

The game features a repeating 22-minute time loop where the sun goes supernova, allowing players to explore and learn something new each cycle.

3. What expansion was added to Outer Wilds in 2021?     

The game received an expansion called "Echoes of the Eye" in 2021.

4. What is the main objective in Outer Wilds?

Players explore a solar system, uncover clues about a time loop, and piece together the mystery behind its occurrence.

5. Who developed Outer Wilds?    

The game was developed by Mobius Digital.

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