My Fault Movie Ending Explained, Plot and Trailer

If you are looking for the My Fault movie ending explained guide, read this article where we have dealt in detail with what happens at the end of My Fault the Spanish romance film.      

by Swetha P | Updated Jun 10, 2023


My Fault Movie 2023

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating movie of "My Fault" (Spanish: Culpa mía), a mesmerizing Spanish romance film released in 2023. Directed by the talented Domingo González in his first full-length directorial venture, this movie is set to steal hearts. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as you witness the chemistry between the brilliant Nicole Wallace and the charming Gabriel Guevara on-screen.

The film draws inspiration from the popular Wattpad story of the same title penned by the talented Mercedes Ron. With an intriguing plotline and an engaging narrative, "My Fault" promises to take you on an unforgettable journey filled with love, passion, and all the emotions that make our hearts skip a beat. Get ready to fall in love with this cinematic masterpiece, as it brings the pages of the story to life before your very eyes.

My Fault Movie Ending Explained

The ending of "My Fault" leaves us with a whirlwind of emotions, a delightful mix of satisfaction and anticipation. On one hand, it's undeniably gratifying to witness Noah and Nick finally finding their way to each other, despite the many obstacles in their path. After everything they've been through, their love for one another shines through in a powerful and moving moment.

However, our hearts sink a little as we realize that their love must remain hidden from the world. The weight of prejudice hangs over them, forcing them to keep their relationship a secret. Noah's father's tragic demise at the hands of the police adds a further layer of complexity. The media circus that would ensue, combined with the disapproval of Nick's affluent parents, makes their love a forbidden secret.

Noah and Nick, determined to protect their love, navigate the treacherous waters of secrecy. They are unable to bask in the joy of public displays of affection or even confide in their closest friends. It's a challenging situation, one that tests their resilience and devotion.

As the credits roll, we are left wondering about the future of Noah and Nick. The ending tantalizingly leaves the door open for a sequel, leaving us craving more. We yearn to know what lies ahead for this courageous couple, how they will navigate the complexities of their circumstances, and whether they will ultimately find the happiness and acceptance they deserve.

"My Fault" not only captures our hearts but also ignites our curiosity. It invites us to reflect on the power of love in the face of adversity and to ponder the lengths we would go to protect the ones we hold dear. The ending serves as a captivating cliffhanger, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Noah and Nick's extraordinary journey.

My Fault Movie Sequel

The 2023 hit film "My Fault"! The story picks up right where it left off, delving deeper into the forbidden love between Noah and Nick. Brace yourselves for a journey filled with even greater challenges, as their relationship is tested in unimaginable ways. The consequences of their actions in the first film come crashing down, and the stakes are higher than ever. As the plot thickens, Ronnie, Noah's vengeful ex-boyfriend, resurfaces, adding a thrilling layer of suspense and intrigue.

This sequel promises to be a more mature and complex exploration of love, loss, and redemption, captivating us with its deeper themes. The filmmakers have a golden opportunity to address the criticisms of the first film and deliver a more realistic and satisfying portrayal of teenage romance in this anticipated sequel. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Noah and Nick fight to protect their love while navigating the murky waters of secrecy and facing the ominous threat of Ronnie.

My Fault Movie Original Language

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of "My Fault," the 2023 Spanish film directed by Domingo González and written by Domingo González and Javier Gullón. Set in Spain, this heartfelt movie stars Pol Monen, Claudia Vega, and Jorge López in mesmerizing performances. The story revolves around Noah, a young man grappling with the tragic loss of his girlfriend, who finds solace in the company of Nick, a new student at his school.

Their blossoming love, however, faces the harsh reality of being forbidden, compelling them to keep their relationship clandestine. "My Fault" garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success in Spain, receiving accolades for its sensitive portrayal of a challenging topic and the exceptional performances by the talented cast. The film struck a chord with audiences, grossing over $10 million at the Spanish box office.

International audiences eagerly awaited its release, and it premiered on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on June 8, 2023. Prepare to be captivated by the poignant narrative and the undeniable chemistry between the lead actors as they navigate the complexities of love, secrecy, and societal barriers in this remarkable cinematic experience.

My Fault Cast  



Nicole Wallace 


Gabriel Guevara 


Marta Hazas 


Iván Sánchez 

William Leister

Eva Ruiz 


Victor Varona


Fran Berenguer      


My Fault Amazon Prime

My Fault Where To Watch? If you're eager to stream the captivating movie "My Fault," look no further than Amazon Prime Video. You have a couple of options to access and enjoy this film, whether you opt for a free trial of Amazon Prime or subscribe directly to Amazon Prime Video.

To embark on your movie-watching journey, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the Amazon Prime Video website or launch the Amazon Prime Video app on your device.
  • Sign in using your existing Amazon account credentials or create a new account if you don't have one.
  • Once you're signed in, navigate to the "Movies" tab. This section typically features a vast collection of films available for streaming.
  • Take advantage of the search function provided and enter "My Fault" to locate the movie specifically.
  • Once you've found "My Fault," click on the "Watch Now" button, which will initiate the streaming process, allowing you to enjoy the film in all its glory.
  • In the event that you're not currently an Amazon Prime member, don't fret! You can still relish "My Fault" by renting or purchasing it through Amazon Video, a service that enables users to buy or rent digital copies of movies and TV shows.

By following these straightforward steps, you can embark on a cinematic journey with "My Fault," delving into its intriguing storyline, memorable performances, and the heartfelt emotions it evokes. Whether you choose to take advantage of an Amazon Prime free trial or opt for standalone Amazon Prime Video, you'll soon find yourself immersed in this captivating film.

My Fault Plot

To be drawn into the captivating world of "My Fault" as you follow the intricate journey of Noah, a young woman who finds herself residing in a lavish mansion with her mother, Rafaella, and her new stepbrother, Nick. At first, their relationship is marred by resentment and annoyance, fueled by the complexities of their parents' recent marriage. However, as fate intertwines their paths, they cannot deny the growing emotions that begin to flourish within them.

Their love story is far from conventional, as they grapple with the societal taboo of being stepsiblings. The disapproval of their parents and the fear of judgment from friends and family become constant shadows they must navigate. Yet, against all odds, Noah and Nick find solace and courage in each other's presence. They bravely confess their feelings and embark on a journey of forbidden love.

Their relationship faces numerous trials and tribulations along the way. The disapproval of their parents and the skepticism of their friends create an intricate web of challenges. Insecurities and doubts test their bond, but their unwavering determination leads them to conquer every obstacle that comes their way. The bittersweet ending of "My Fault" showcases the deep sacrifices Noah and Nick must make for their love.

While they finally unite, their relationship comes at the cost of estrangement from their parents. However, their unyielding commitment fuels their belief that their love can conquer any adversity. This film stands out for its realistic portrayal of a stepsibling relationship, delving into the complexities and struggles that arise from such a situation. It showcases the difficulties and the power of love, reminding us that love knows no boundaries.

Step into the captivating world of "My Fault" and be swept away by its exceptional performances and genuine depiction of a stepsibling romance. While some may find the plot predictable, the film rises above expectations, touching hearts with its thought-provoking narrative. Through its exploration of love's transformative power, "My Fault" urges audiences to contemplate the courage it takes to defy societal norms.

This emotionally charged journey delves deep into the human heart, leaving a lasting impression that challenges our own perceptions of love and relationships. Immerse yourself in this poignant film that dares to challenge conventions, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of love. "My Fault" is a testament to the resilience and strength found in those who follow their hearts, inspiring us to reflect on the profound impact of love in our own lives.

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My Fault Movie Ending Explained - FAQs

1. Where can I watch the movie "My Fault"?  

"My Fault" is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

2. What is the plot of "My Fault"?  

"My Fault" tells the story of Noah and Nick, step-siblings who fall in love and navigate the challenges of their forbidden relationship.

3. Is the plot of "My Fault" predictable?  

While the plot may be considered predictable, the film shines through exceptional performances and an authentic portrayal of a stepsibling romance.

4. What themes does "My Fault" explore?  

"My Fault" delves into the transformative power of love and the strength it takes to defy societal norms.

5. How does "My Fault" leave an impact on the audience?  

"My Fault" invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of love, challenging their beliefs and perceptions while leaving a lasting emotional impression.

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