How to Unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer?

Raise Vanellope's friendship to level four and place the Valley Visit Station in your village to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer.  

by Damodharan N | Updated Dec 11, 2023


Disney Dreamlight Valley 

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure game developed by Gameloft Montreal and published by Gameloft. It was initially released in early access on various platforms in September 2022, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Later, in December 2022, the macOS version joined alongside the game's second content update.

This game lets players manage a magical valley populated by beloved Disney and Pixar characters who've lost their memories due to a curse. The genre blends life simulation and adventure elements, allowing players to help these characters rediscover their past lives in the valley. The full game released on December 5, 2023, marked the arrival of its first paid expansion, 'A Rift in Time,' offering players more content and features within the game.

How to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer?

To unlock multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley complete the quests below:

  • Friendship Level Four with Vanellope:

    • Raise Vanellope's friendship level to four.
    • This action triggers the Valley Visit quest and provides the Valley Visit Station.
  • Placing the Valley Visit Station:

    • Upon receiving the Valley Visit Station, place it anywhere in your village.
    • Placing the station completes the quest, unlocking multiplayer functionality.
  • Enabling Cross-Play and Inviting Friends:

    • After completing the quest, enable cross-play.
    • Use this feature to invite friends to join your village and engage in multiplayer activities.

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer Mode?

Disney Dreamlight Valley's multiplayer mode, named "Valley Visits," enables players to explore friends' personalized Valleys while showcasing their own. Accessed via Vanellope's "Valley Visits" quest and a designated Valley Visit Station, this feature works akin to Animal Crossing's Dodo Codes. It permits visiting friends' Valleys using unique codes or hosting visitors in their own Valley.

While exploring, players can admire and interact with decor, visit houses and Scrooge's Store for shopping, and trade certain inventory items. However, restrictions apply; crucial gameplay elements like quest completion, using specific tools, gathering materials, and trading select items are disabled during active multiplayer sessions, resuming only after visitors leave and the connection is closed by the host.

How to explore the Disney Dreamlight Valley in multiplayer Mode?

To explore Disney Dreamlight Valley in multiplayer mode:

  • Shop Together: Visit Scrooge's Store with friends to buy items, but be aware that items purchased by visitors vanish from the store.
  • Visit Homes: Show off your home decor and explore your friends' homes.
  • Trade Items: Exchange items from your inventory by dropping them on the ground.
  • Explore the Base Game Map: Roam around Dreamlight Valley's main map with friends. However, Expansion Pass areas are off-limits during multiplayer sessions.

Remember, while exploring with friends is fun, you can't chat with villagers or complete quests together. Also, you won't be able to trade Expansion Pass items if your friends don't have the Expansion Pass.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gameplay

In Dreamlight Valley's gameplay, players dive into a magical world filled with Disney and Pixar characters. They control a customizable character, exploring the valley's diverse biomes while experiencing a nonlinear adventure. Time in the valley mirrors real-time on the player's device, creating a dynamic environment. The player collects resources, clears dark magic-infused "Night Thorns," and engages in activities such as cooking, crafting, and using magical tools like pickaxes and fishing rods.

Energy is managed through meals that offer boosts and enable gliding across the valley. Customization options extend to furniture arrangement, building placement, and even outfit designs using the "Touch of Magic" feature. By earning "Star Coins" through selling items, players interact with villagers, fostering friendships through daily chats, quests, and shared activities, resulting in exclusive rewards and deeper relationships as friendships develop up to level ten.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Game Trailer

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How to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer - FAQs

1. How do I unlock multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley?    

Raise Vanellope's friendship to level four and place the Valley Visit Station in your village.

2. What can I do in Disney Dreamlight Valley's multiplayer?  

Explore friends' Valleys, shop, visit homes, and trade inventory items.

3. Can I chat with villagers during multiplayer?  

No, interactions with villagers aren't possible in multiplayer mode.

4. Are expansion areas accessible in multiplayer?  

Not unless both players have the expansion pass.

5. Can I complete quests together in multiplayer?  

No, quest completion isn't possible during active multiplayer sessions

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