The Day Before Money Glitch: How to Get Money Using Glitch in The Day Before?

To exploit The Day Before Money Glitch, sell all ammo in the sell tab, then drag it from the Buyback section, leaving one bullet unsold, and move it to your backpack to multiply your money in the game.

by Indraprakash | Updated Dec 11, 2023


The Day Before Money Glitch

The Day Before Money Glitch is a kind of trick or shortcut that players use in the game to get lots of in-game money or items without playing the game as intended. However, it's important to know that using these glitches is usually considered cheating, and it can lead to punishments like being banned from the game.

In The Day Before, players have reported a specific glitch called "The Day Before Money Glitch." This glitch lets players get infinite ammo and money without having to earn or buy them in the usual way. By exploiting this glitch, players can easily gather the in-game currency called Woodcoins and become rich quickly.

This means they can skip the usual process of finding and selling items to make money. The glitch also allows players to start the game with the best tools, weapons, and a full storage of ammunition without putting in the regular effort. However, it's important to be cautious, as using such glitches may have consequences set by the game developers.

How to Get Money Using Glitch in The Day Before?

To get money in The Day Before using a glitch, follow these steps:

  • Switch to the Sell Tab: Start by switching to the sell tab in the game. Here, you'll be selling all of your ammunition.
  • Sell Ammo: Sell all of your ammo in the sell tab. You'll notice your money increasing as you make these sales.
  • Drag Ammo from Buyback Section: After selling the ammo, go to the Buyback section. Drag the ammo you just sold back into your inventory, leaving one bullet unsold in each inventory slot.
  • Move Ammo to Backpack: Take the ammo you dragged from Buyback and move it into the available cells in your Backpack as instructed.
  • Recover Woodcoins in Storage: The final step is to recover the entire stack of Woodcoins in your Storage. This action will restore the entire warehouse's money supply.
  • Check Money Amounts: You'll notice that each cell with only one coin remaining now has the full amount of money. Any extra money goes to the fifth cell.
  • Repeat the Process: If you want to continue exploiting the glitch, you can repeat these steps in a repeated way. However, be aware that using glitches may have consequences in the game.

The Day Before

The Day Before is a scary video game where you play with others to survive and complete missions. It was made by Fntastic and released by Mytona.


The Day Before






Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen


Unreal Engine 5




7 December 2023 (early access)


Survival horror



The Day Before Gameplay

In "The Day Before," you'll experience a post-apocalyptic world on the US East Coast, battling for survival, exploring a vibrant New Fortune City, and helping rebuild society with these key gameplay features:

  • Fight for Survival:

    • Engage in intense player-vs-player encounters to stay alive.
    • Defend yourself against deadly infected creatures.
    • Scavenge valuable items to ensure your survival.
  • Explore New Fortune City:

    • Roam through the beautifully detailed New Fortune City.
    • Venture into towering skyscrapers, bustling business centers, enormous malls, grand stadiums, and more.
    • Traverse the surrounding areas in strikingly detailed vehicles.
  • Rebuild Society:

    • Join the Woodberry survivor colony's mission to restore society.
    • Trade resources and items in Woodberry, and safeguard your wealth in a personal storage room.
    • Create your own secure home within the safe zone.

The Day Before offers an immersive open-world MMO survival experience, set in a post-pandemic world filled with challenges, exploration, and the opportunity to shape the future.

The Day Before System Requirements  


Minimum Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Operating System

64-bit Windows 10

64-bit Windows 10


Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD equivalent

Intel Core i7-8700 (3.2Ghz) or AMD equivalent





NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent

NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti or AMD equivalent


Version 12

Version 12


Broadband Internet connection

Broadband Internet connection


55 GB available space

55 GB available space

Additional Notes

SSD (Preferred), HDD (Supported), Low Quality Settings

SSD, High Quality Settings

The Day Before Trailer

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The Day Before Money Glitch - FAQs

1. What is The Day Before Money Glitch?

It's an exploit allowing players to multiply in-game money by selling and repurchasing ammo strategically.

2. Can I use The Day Before Money Glitch without consequences?

Using the glitch may lead to penalties, such as bans, as it's considered cheating by the game developers.

3. Does The Day Before Money Glitch work repeatedly?

Yes, you can repeat the glitch to continue multiplying your in-game money, but be cautious of potential consequences.

4. Can I start with the best tools using The Day Before Money Glitch?

Yes, the glitch allows you to immediately equip yourself with top-tier tools, weapons, and a full ammunition supply.

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