How to Change Your Name in The Finals? A Complete Guide

Visit Embark Studio website, log in with your gaming account, go to your profile, click "Edit" next to your Display Name, input a new name, and save; remember, you can only change it every 10 minutes.

by Indraprakash | Updated Dec 11, 2023


Can You Change Your Name in The Finals?

In The Finals, when you first start playing, the game assigns you a default display name. If you prefer to use your regular username instead, don't worry you can easily change it. Here's a quick and simple guide to help you switch your display name in The Finals:

  • When you launch The Finals for the first time, you'll see that it has given you a default name. Most players would rather use their own chosen username.
  • The good news is that you can change your username in The Finals. The process is straightforward and won't take much time.

If you follow the steps provided, you'll be able to enjoy the game with the display name you prefer.

How to Change Your Name in The Finals?

To change your name in The Finals, follow these steps:

  • Go to Embark Studios' website and find the sign-in page.
  • Log in using your Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account.

  • Once logged in, click on your account name in the top right corner, then select "Profile."

  • Look for the "Edit" option next to your Display Name.

  • Click "Edit" and type your new name in the provided textbox.

  • After entering the new name, click "Save" to confirm the changes.

It's important to note that you cannot change your display name directly in the game; it must be done through Embark Studio's website. Also, keep in mind that you can only change your name every 10 minutes, but there's no limit to how many times you can make these changes.

The Finals

The Finals is a game you can play for free. It's a type of video game called a first-person shooter, where you see the game from the perspective of your character. The company that made it is called Embark Studios, which is a part of Nexon.

In this game, players form teams and compete against each other. The matches take place on maps, which are like different levels or areas in the game. What's interesting is that the environment in the game can be destroyed, meaning things can be broken or damaged. The game encourages players to use this feature cleverly to help them win.

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The Finals


Embark Studios


Embark Studios


Unreal Engine


Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X/S


December 7, 2023


First-person shooter



The Finals Gameplay

The Finals gameplay is all about teams competing in a virtual combat game show. Imagine a televised event where players, seen by holographic crowds, complete objectives like opening vaults and taking them to a 'cash-out' location. The game is influenced by shows like The Hunger Games and Gladiator. In the main mode called 'Cashout,' teams of three work to collect the most money, represented as coins earned by defeating opponents. Players can choose characters based on light, medium, or heavy categories, each with unique abilities and speeds.

Winning involves a mix of strategies, including controlling areas, completing objectives, and eliminating opponents. The game encourages creativity with destructible terrain, changing weather, and various team compositions. Players can use weapons and equipment specific to their class or mix things up for a customized experience. Reviving teammates, using gadgets, and limited respawns add extra layers to the dynamic gameplay.

The Finals Trailer

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How to Change Your Name in The Finals - FAQs

1. How can I change my name in The Finals?

Log in on Embark Studios' website, visit your profile, click "Edit" next to Display Name, input a new name, and save.

2. Is it possible to change my display name in The Finals in-game?

No, you can only change it through Embark Studios' website, not in the game itself.

3. What's the default name given when starting The Finals?

The game assigns a default name when you first launch it.

4. How often can I change my name in The Finals?

You can change it every 10 minutes, but there's no limit to the number of changes.

5. Can I change my display name using my Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account?

Yes, log in with any of these accounts on the Embark Studios' website to change your name in The Finals.

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