Secure Meters Hiring Research Executive – Applied Physics – B.Sc, M.Sc – Udaipur


Computer aided simulation of various materials for its magnetic, electrical and electro-magnetic properties, analysis of simulation results and reporting

The process would be repetitive to optimise results and to achieve certain goals
Discuss and share results in a team to summarise trial results for improvement or implementation
The candidate shall be overall responsible for simulations and analysis of various projects
As an extension to magnetic simulation, requirement of thermal & mechanical simulation and analysis also to be fulfilled, as and when required
Define objectives for a specific task, plan and execute with a time line
The candidate must be self driven and should be able to work independently, pre-plan job execution before hand
Maintain and update software, hardware and facilities from time to time


Location : Udaipur
Experience : 0 – 5 Years
Education : UG – B.Sc – Maths, Physics
PG – M.Sc – Physics
DOCTORATE – Doctorate Not Required


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Desired Profile :
The candidate must have keen interests in Applied Physics and good in Applied Mathematics
It is mandatory that the candidate should have deep understanding of the basics of magnetics, electricity and electro-magnetic principles.
The candidate shall have ability to apply physics and maths on magnetics and electricity.
The candidate should have clear understanding of various Inductors & transformers such as VT (voltage transformers), CT (current transformers), and, transformer core materials like ferrous, non-ferrous, ferrite, alloy, crystalline and amorphous materials and their characteristics
The candidate should have knowledge of the properties various magnetic shielding materials and effect of their shape, size and thickness etc. on different strengths of magnetic field
A high level of computer literacy is essential. Ability to set up experiments to validate the results will be desirable.


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