Fresher .Net Developer at MWebware Software Services


Exciting Health IT firm with offices in Hyderabad, India and Maryland, USA is Looking for Fresher’s for .Net Developer Position with solid knowledge in .Net, C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, WCF, WPF, Java Script and Web Services.
Please send your resume to with subject “Fresher .Net Developer” and we will get in touch with you in less than 72 hours.


Before Selecting any candidate’ in our company, we follow simple procedure like they have to solve all coding problems where mentioned below. They have solve all problems and then have to send it to us. If everything is right then we ask them to come down for F2F Interview..

Problem #1:
Write a console application which uses a List collection class to create a list of integers. Add about 20 integers using random numbers. Then find the lowest and highest number in the list.

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Problem # 2:
Write a loop which goes from 1 to 100. Then in the loop do the following checks
a) print string “fizz” if the number is a multiple of 3
b) print string “buzz” if the number is a multiple of 5
c) print string “fizzbuzz” if the number is a multiple of 3 AND 5

Problem # 3:
Write a console program in C# which prints first 100 numbers of Fibonacci series. Fibonacci series starts with 0, 1. The next number can be computed by adding the previous two numbers.
For example the first 5 numbers in Fibonacci series are: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5

Problem #4:
Write a console application using the following code. This code is incomplete. You should fix it and also implement simple method which waps two integers.
public static void main ()
{Int x= 10, y = 20;
SwapInt(put the correct calling parameters here once this method is implementd);
//here x should 20 and y should be 10}
Basically you need to define the method signature, implement the method and then call it correctly in the main program.

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Problem # 5:
a) Write a web service which provides method(s) to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The conversion formula is
Fahrenheit to Celsius
b) Write a simple ASP.NET webpage in C# which uses the above web service. There should an editbox where one can type a number only. Second element should be a dropdown which specifies the following i) Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit ii) Fahrenheit to Celsius and the last form element is a submit button. When clicked on submit, the page should display the converted temperature.

Location : Hyderabad / Secunderabad
Experience: 0 to 1 yrs
Education: (UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization, Graduation Not Required) AND (PG – Any PG Course – Any Specialization, Post Graduation Not Required)

Company Profile:
MWebWare Software Services is fast growing Health IT focused engineering firm with offices in Hyderabad, India and Boyds, MD, USA. The company provides software engineering and technical support services to its growing client base in US and Europe. The company was started by a talented team of individuals with more than 100+ years of collective professional experience in the USA.

MWebWare provides software engineering services for many software products and projects. MWebWare is a proud of its partnership with Microsoft on its variety of HealthCare projects and is a BizSpark initiative member. MWebWare uses the latest software development tools like Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition, SharePoint, Microsoft .NET 4.0, Hyper-V Virtualization, Amazon Web Services and Cloud computing among many other things for its software projects.


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